Sheryl Crow says that it was all just a joke, but she did get the country talking. And, avoiding shaking her hand…but talking nonetheless. Here’s America’s Anchorman from the Dittocam Monday, going over the fine points of doing one’s bidness with a single square of the angel-soft tissue.


CALLER: I have a way how to explain to people how to use one sheet of toilet paper.

RUSH: Delbert, are you serious about this, or is this a joke?

CALLER: No, I’m serious about it, and I’ve been taught this, how to save toilet paper, all my life — and I will do this just as tastefully as possible.

RUSH: All right. Well, Delbert, Mr. Snerdley told me that we’ve been getting calls from people. He said we’ve been inundated. He told me during the break that we’ve been inundated by people saying it could be done. “No, no, no! Rush shouldn’t laugh about this. It can be done.” So I went in and I got a new roll of toilet paper from the bathroom and I was going to do a demo here for people on the Dittocam. So let me grab the toilet paper. Just pick off one sheet of it here, right?

Rush takes a (s)wipe at Media Matters too. He has the entire transcript and audio here.