Reader Tasty Beverage sent in this review, saying all that needs to be said about this Robert Smigel cartoon that aired on Saturday Night Live:

You guys need to get a hold of a TiVo of the Robert Smigel animated short from the April 21 episode of Saturday Night Live. Bush and Cheney have a robot at Gitmo that electrifies the genitals and urinates on the poor, innocent inmates, and also flushes korans down the toilet in front of those same poor, innocent inmates, because see, the Geneva conventions only apply to human soldiers, not robots, so this is how the evil Chimpy McBushitler and his sidekick Cheney can get away with this behavior at Gitmo, which of course is actually happening in real life.

Al Qaeda would be proud. This cartoon looks like something right out of the Manchester manual.

Who wants to bet the liberal blogs are ecstatic over this?