On “The View” today Barbara Walters said that Rosie giving up on gun control made her sad. Token conservative Elisabeth wasn’t on the show today to defend the constitutional right (meaning: a right that’s actually written in the Constitution) to bear arms.

BARBARA WALTERS: When I’m not on, I watch the program. And, I mean this tragedy that has happened is so terrible, but you Rosie are always so passionate. Right or wrong, you’re passionate. You care. And you’re one of the people who talked about gun control. And for me to hear you yesterday, because we haven’t talked too much about it, numb, saying we’re never going to get a gun control law, kind of giving up made me sad. I don’t want to see you do that.

“Right or wrong, you’re passionate. You care.” If that doesn’t sum up current liberal attitudes in the face of facts, I don’t know what does. Caring means more to them than actually knowing the difference between something that’s false and something that’s true.

Perhaps Rosie gave up because her hypocrisy on gun control keeps coming up. Several years ago when Rosie had an afternoon talk show, she made her opinion about gun control clear to gun advocate Tom Selleck. However, it was later found out Rosie’s bodyguard applied for a gun permit.


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