John Edwards told CBS 2 in New York that he forgives the fluffy-headed host, but he is unsure if he’ll appear on the shock jock’s show in the future:

However, Sen. Barry Obama told David Gregory that MSNBC “shouldn’t be carrying” the kind of “hateful” remarks Imus uttered the other day. Obama says he will not be an “enabler” and thus won’t appear on the show in the future. According to ABC News Obama has called for Imus’ firing.

I think this feeding frenzy has jumped the shark.

Update (AP): This thing’s actually starting to claim other people’s jobs, if not Imus’s (yet). His career’s not long for this world, though, for reasons articulated in this morning’s Pelosi post. Obama’s the de facto leader of black America now and, unlike Sharpton and Jackson, he’s got clean hands. So if he thinks Imus should go, a-goin’ Imus shall be. I’ll be surprised if there’s no formal announcement by this time tomorrow.

If nothing else, this fiasco has provided some awkward entertainment.

Update (AP): Obama’s competing with the Clintons for black votes so his call for the axe isn’t exactly unexpected.

Update (AP): That was fast. How soon before WFAN and his radio syndicators follow suit?

Update (Ian): MSNBC just confirmed …


Update (AP): Here’s the article at MSNBC; former NAACP president Bruce Gordon says he feels “violated” by Imus. My head aches at the thought of what the media’s going to do with this and the Duke dismissal dropping on the same day. Prepare for a raft of hopelessly insipid navel-gazing “what does this say about race in America?” craptaculars.