Earlier today, Fred Thompson sat down with Neal Cavuto talk about his lymphoma and possible Presidential run. Thompson said he “know[s]” his lymphoma is “not a big deal.” On the presidency, Thompsons say he has never “craved” to be President, but he “desire[s]” to lead the country though perilous times, which he says we are in now. Thompson adds he is not interested in being Vice President.

The Evans-Novak Political Report says Fred! may enter the race next week:

From the latest Evans-Novak Political Report: “Fred Thompson is very likely to enter the race for President, with a possible announcement coming as early as next week. Thompson’s announcement that he is in remission from lymphoma is a trial balloon — the reaction could determine his decision. This particular kind of lymphoma is much less harmful than others and should not shorten his life expectancy.”

Fred did allude to this in his interview. The possible presidential candidate bluntly said he wants to see people’s reaction before he makes a decision.