This was too good not to post the whole video. Alan Colmes and Jane Fleming found every which way to defend the Iranians’ capture of fifteen British sailors. Fleming said “violence was not the answer.” That comment was almost as bad as the guy who joined the Marines but objected to killing.

Fleming was all about giving the “benefit of the doubt” to the Iranians but wouldn’t even give it to her own country. The Democratic strategist blasted the Bush administration for speaking out against the torture of these soldiers, when our soldiers have tortured prisoners. Not the same thing, unless you’re suggesting Bush and Rummy sanctioned torture. Are you suggesting that Jane?

Never mind that Iran and the UK aren’t even technically at war.

Iranian apologist Alan Colmes said this was “possibly” a response to the US arresting several Iranians over 5 months ago. Colmes added it was a “foreign policy mistake.” Once again, it’s America’s fault. Republican strategist Amy Holmes laid Alan out, explaining the difference between capturing Iranians in Iraq and British sailors in Iraqi waters. D’oh. I guess when your mission is to blame America first, making crazy comparisons doesn’t matter. Soon after, guest co-host Rich Lowry jumped in to summarize Alan’s thoughts with this zinger: “Oh, Gosh! We tried to stop some Iranians from killing our guys, therefore in some bizarre, moral reasoning the Bush administration is responsible for what the Iranian’s did.”

Then this nugget slipped out from Jane Fleming’s mouth: “Alan was not condemning what the Iranians did to the British soldiers, nobody would.” Did she mean “condoning?” Freudian slip?

After getting backed into a corner with Lowry, Fleming changed the subject to how terrible things are going in Iraq and why John McCain is the reason for a terrorist attack. Here’s what she said (emphasis mine):

McCain took a hundred of our soldiers, who should have been doing their normal duty, to tour a marketplace. A CIA agent went on that day and said what he did was wrong because he was sure that those people who were shown in the marketplace would be targeted and killed and that is exactly what happened. Twenty-one [unintelligible] were killed on the hands of McCain’s visit to Iraq.

Jane Fleming just blamed John McCain for an insurgent attack. Can we question her patriotism now?

So, Alan and Jane, “[w]hy are you carrying water for the mullahs?