Comedian and soon to be radio talk show host talked some sense and some patriotism into Rosie and the gals. Once again Miller is dead on, especially the part about supporting the Commander in Chief.

The money quote has been emphasized:

DENNIS MILLER: I swear to God Rosie, just research this so the next time we talk, I don’t think that statute [library history clause in Patriot Act] has been used once.

ROSIE O’DONNELL: The Patriot Act?

Miller: No, the looking into people’s library records.


Miller: Now, look. When Woodward and Bernstein looked into Howard Hunt’s library records it was thought to be one of the seminal moments of American democracy. It’s thought to be a benchmark moment of what this country’s about. So, listen. If we want to check Ramney al-Kaboom because he took 4 bomb cook books out in a month all of the sudden it’s wrong. We’ve got to stop the acrimony.

Rosie: If you sacrifice liberty for percieved security you don’t deserve either.

Miller: Listen, I’ll agree with you up to a point, but if you’re asking me if I don’t want to check phone calls between here and Saudi Arabia and Iraq just to be free and blown up, I don’t agree with you. I just don’t agree with you.