Former Edwards blog mistresses Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan were a topic of discussion on this evening’s Factor. Michelle, Republican strategist Kellyanne Conway and Dem strategist Julie Roginsky, three Jersey girls, had a fun time talking about this subject.

Glenn Reynolds points out the Democratic strategist had her talking points mixed up when she accused a McCain blogger of being “anti-Semitic”:

WATCHING MICHELLE MALKIN SUB for Bill O’Reilly, I noticed that her guest , Democratic consultant Julie Roginsky, appeared to have gotten her Media Matters talking points confused. When responding to a question about the Edwards blogger fiasco, she quickly parried with a blurted remark about McCain having “hired an anti-semitic blogger.”

Hmm. I’ve never heard anyone call Patrick Hynes an anti-semite, and it’s an absurd charge based on my knowledge of him. So I googled “Patrick Hynes anti-semite” and found this Media Matters press release calling Bill Donohue an anti-semite, while attacking Patrick Hynes on other grounds. Roginsky probably just confused the two. Call it talking-points crosstalk?

Michelle immediately pointed out Roginsky’s smear and the rest is history.