Most of you don’t live in Baltimore or Maryland, but you might know of Michael Olesker. Olesker was a columnist at the Baltimore Sun until early 2006 when he resigned under charges of plagiarism. Plagiarism is one of the most serious crimes you can commit as a journalist. Besides being a plagiarist, Olesker is an ultra-liberal whose non-plagiarized work was so biased that former MD Gov. Bob Ehrlich banned his staffers from talking to him. And went to court to enforce the order.

Meanwhile, the Baltimore Examiner bills itself as “Baltimore’s second opinion,” which is a shot at the liberal NYT parrot otherwise known as the Baltimore Sun. The Examiner’s market hope has been to fill the need that the liberal Sun doesn’t meet among the region’s less moonbatty news consumers.

Well, the Examiner’s shot at the Sun is now a blank: the Examiner has hired the Sun’s ultra-liberal, plagiarizing cast-off. Olesker was hired by the Baltimore Examiner and began writing his new column yesterday. Too bad the Examiner is free or I might have considered canceling my subscription like I did with Baltimore Sun.

In his first column, among attacking President Bush and being nostalgic about Baltimore, Olesker also goes after bloggers:

I hope mine are, too, and I hope they’re spent in newspaper work. In this business, we feel the ground shifting beneath us, and people are nervous. But the ground’s been shifting for decades. I broke in hearing people say television was the future. Now they say it’s the Web or it’s cable.

But CNN and Fox don’t care about a police shooting in Woodlawn, or a hoagie-eating contest in Westminster or waterfront construction in Middle River. And most of the Web sites base their opinions on facts gleaned from newspapers, which have actual reporters. You remove newspapers, the whole flow of information breaks down.

Been reading Joe Rago, Mr. Olesker? The blogger bash trick is one of the oldest in MSM “journalism.” And combined with Bush-bashing? I’m just stunned with his insight. Olesker’s been out of work for nearly a year and this is the most original piece he could come up with? Examiner, if you’re paying the guy a cent, he’s ripping you off.

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