Senator Clinton was asked if she would support Obama if she was not going to run for President herself. Clinton gave the standard Clinton answer: “I’m going to wait and see how all this develops.” Meanwhile, the rest of the View girls, excluding Elizabeth, of course, gushed over Hillary and again when Obama’s name was mentioned. Rosie says he is a “fantastic man.”

Elizabeth: But if you weren’t going to take that leap and Senator Barack Obama decides he’s going to take that leap, would he get your vote?

Sen. Clinton: I’m going to wait and see how all this develops.

Rosie: He’s a fantastic man.

Sen. Clinton: He is a terrific guy and we’re going to have a lot of good people running in the democratic primary. I think that’s exciting. In most elections, it was kind of accepted, somebody on one side or the other was going to be the nominee and maybe the likely winner. This time that’s all thrown up. I think that’s good. I think everybody who wants to compete should compete. It’s a free country. That’s what we tell our children. If you study hard and you’re a good kid, maybe you could grow up and be president.

Rosie: Even if you’re a girl.

Joy: Or a black man.

Sen. Clinton: That’s right. Let’s throw open those doors and let everybody in.

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