No matter what you think of the guy, Jack Cafferty has them.

He may be misguided on his views of President Bush and Republicans but his views on immigration are dead on.

Former Clinton Sec. of Energy and current Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson got his ass handed to him on a silver platter by Cafferty on the room full of situation this afternoon. Host Wolf Blitzer invited Cafferty to join him as he interviewed Richardson about his “idea” to get rid of the border fence, but the governor’s face went from grin to grim as the angry CNN correspondent tore the DHS, Congress, and anti-border enablers like Gov. Richardson a new one.

Watch as Richardson’s face goes from a grin to grim.



Oh — he’s also running for president. Try to contain your excitement.

UPDATE: He’s not running?


WOLF BLITZER, HOST: Jack Cafferty, our partner here in “the situation room” in the last hour, he was complaining and our viewers are complaining about your plan to get rid of the proposed fence along the U.S-Mexico border. I want to get jack in here. Jack, tell the Governor why you think that would be a mistake.

JACK CAFFERTY, CNN: It’s not so much what I think. Look at any public opinion poll prior to the election, the American people want the border secure. In their mind, imagine this, national security might rank ahead of relations with the government of Mexico. Our laws on the books against illegal aliens, against hiring illegal aliens, against entering the country illegally are ignored by the federal government. Five years after 9/11, we’ve done nothing to secure our border. We have the Department of Homeland Security, I think if you went to the dictionary and looked under “worthless federal agency” you might see the picture of the Department of Homeland Security there. They said gives five years and $7.5 billion and maybe we can do something about securing the border. In the meantime, we have 3,000 people a day entering this country illegally. We don’t know who they are. We don’t know where they’re going. We don’t know their business here. I bet you a dime to a dozen of donuts might have been a terrorist or two get across the border without us knowing. We have cities and towns all over this country overrun with illegal aliens. They’re trying to ask the government for help, they don’t get any. So their trying to pass laws themselves against lands lord whose rent to them, employers who hire them it’s a national disgrace.

BLITZER: All right. Jack.

CAFFERTY: You want me to go on?

BLITZER: No, we get the point. I want the governor to make his case, why zhao think about doing way with this proposed fence, and we haven’t built it yet is the course?