Former President George H.W. Bush was brought to tears Monday during a speech about his son, outgoing Florida Governor Jeb Bush. President Bush was speaking to lawmakers and members of his son’s cabinet in the Florida House chamber at a governor leadership forum.

Why did Bush did cry?

He then broke down in tears mentioning his son, Gov. Jeb Bush, as an example of leadership and the way he handled losing the 1994 governor’s race to popular incumbent Democrat Lawton Chiles. He vaguely referred to dirty tricks in the campaign.

“He didn’t whine about it. He didn’t complain,” the former president said before choking up in front of lawmakers, Gov. Bush’s top administrators and state workers gathered in the House chamber for the last of the governor’s leadership forums.

As he tried to continue, he let out a sob and put a handkerchief to his face. When he spoke again, his words were broken up by pauses as he tried to regain composure.

Gov. Jeb Bush’s second and final term ends in January.

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