Body language expert Tonya Reiman explained what Jimmy Carter’s body movements and facial expressions meant when he was called a racist and anti-Semite on C-SPAN this weekend. Reiman said she can see the look of sadness and concern take over his face after his smile goes away. She also said his tongue protrusion is a sign of anxiety and looking down often means he wants the subject to change.

TONYA REIMAN: That was a very harsh interview. Initially, you can see he’s smiling. That looks like a real smile, the minute he starts hearing exactly what’s being told, you see a look of sadness cross ride across his eyebrows.

BILL O’REILLY: Is it anger or sadness?

REIMAN: No, It’s sadness. It’s a look of concern and sadness. Suddenly he realizes what’s being said and the eyebrows come down, pointed. That’s a look of sadness. That is genuine sadness that this is being said about him. I also notice at a certain point he does what’s known as a tongue protrusion, which is a sign of anxiety.

O’REILLY: Letterman did that all the time when I talked to him.

REIMAN: He also tends to look down a lot … then he shifts his body language as well. Which is another way of saying I’d like to change what’s going on, I’d like to change the conversation.

O’REILLY: But he didn’t get angry?

REIMAN: No anger whatsoever. He handled this very well. If you look at his body, there is no movement in the legs. His hands have not changed. He is very calm during this interview, which is surprising because it was a very harsh interview.

O’REILLY: That tells you he has confidence in his positions, as misguided as they are.