Leading anti-war Democrat John Murtha said America is the enemy who incited the terrorists to come to Iraq. Murtha repeated the Democratic talking point that terrorists will leave once US forces redeploy.

Bryan adds: I’m no longer sure it’s even worth going into just how wrong Murtha is on the history given the fact that he ought to know better on his own, but the fact is that Saddam Hussein had a very long history of dealing with terrorists including al Qaeda long before the 2003 invasion. In no particular order, Abu Nidal and Aba Abbas (mastermind of the Achille Lauro hijacking in which wheelchair bound Leon Klinghoffer was murdered and thrown overboard) both turned up in Baghdad shortly before and shortly after the invasion–they were two of the most notorious terrorists on earth. Nidal’s organization was set up at the behest of Saddam. Captured documents reveal that Hussein’s agents met with al Qaeda operatives on numerous occassions throughout the 1990s and right up to 2003. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, now deceased leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq (or Mesopotamia), was in Iraq prior to the invasion setting up shop. Hussein paid $25k to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers. The Clinton administration suspected that Iraq was working with al Qaeda to produce chemical weapons, and in 1998 bombed a Sudanese pharma factory based on information connected to that suspicion. Recite these facts to a liberal, though, and you might as well be reading sanskrit to them for all the impact you’ll have. It just bounces off their skulls.

Liberals who always opposed the Iraq war, or who have decided to oppose it after either supporting it or even voting to put the troops into the field, have constructed this myth surrounding both Iraq and Hussein that defies all facts and recitations of the facts. He had no WMDs. Bush lied us into war (but for some reason didn’t see far enough ahead to plant a few WMDs to keep the game going). Saddam was too secular to work with those crazy Islamist terrorists. Etc, ad infinitum or until we lose the war, whichever comes first.

One more time, lefties: Google “Clinton Iraq 1998.” You won’t need the quotation marks. The results of that single search destroy the entire “Bush LIED” nonsense that even “credible” lefties like Josh Marshall spout regularly. But resorting to the facts does no good with them, as it does no good with Jack Okinawa.

Odd, that the word “Okinawa” never comes up in any of Matt Lauer’s puffball questions, isn’t it? Eh, not really. The MSM’s collective memory is quite selective. As is Murtha’s and anyone who thinks he retains a shred of credibility.

Update (Bryan): Hey Jack, here’s a little more context for you, from one of your party’s freshmen in Congress.