Harold Ford Jr., the Tennessee Democrat running for the U.S. Senate, spoke to an audience in Paris, Tennesse on Saturday afternoon. Quoting Rep. Lincoln Davis (D-TN), Ford Jr. told the crowd “Republicans fear the Lord, Democrats fear and love the Lord”.


HAROLD FORD, JR.: My friend Lincoln Davis who chairs our campaign says there are, there’s one big difference between us and misfortunate Republicans when it comes to our faith: he said that Republicans fear the Lord; he said Democrats fear AND love the Lord

Update (Allahpundit): How do you demonstrate your fear of God? By shooting campaign commercials in a church, of course.

Update (Bryan): I’m a Christian and a Republican. I used to think Harold Ford was decent and intelligent. With this “fear and love” business, though, he’s lost me.

Oh, and just imagine if a Republican said something like that.

Update (Ian): Corker responds (hat tip: Stop the ACLU):