Yesterday, Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele (R) debated Rep. Ben Cardin (D) and Independent candidate Kevin Zeese. For all you Marylanders out there who watched last week’s Ehrlich-O’Malley debate, this was just as good, if not better.

Cardin was hit by fire when he told Steele what he would have voted for if he was a United States Senator. Wrong move, to say the least. Steele stopped Cardin right then and there and told the congressman not speak for him.

Memorable quotes:

“For Ben Cardin to sit here and say that he is a change agent is laughable.”

“[Cardin] has been running against George Bush for over a year and haven’t you noticed sir, he is not represented here on this stage?”

The best doesn’t come until the end, when Steele quizzed Cardin on plans for a metro system in the Baltimore area. Cardin failed miserably. Watch:

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