Maryland Lt Gov and Senate candidate Michael Steele’s new ad uses rival Ben Cardin’s own words against him. Dirty pool or truth-telling? You make the call.

Instead of responding to Steele’s ad, Ben Cardin has decided to run yet another attack ad. In this one he vilifies Steele for supporting President Bush. Wait, wait, wait. Steele, a Republican, supports President Bush! No way! When will Cardin understand that this election is against Michael Steele, not President Bush? Never. And given the blue sea that is Maryland he may not have to ever grasp that reality. Cardin also goes after Steele for running an ad paid for by the Republican Senatorial Committee. Isn’t that what it’s there for? And it’s not like Democrats have never run ads paid for by the Democratic Senatorial Committee. You know–the group whose staffers dumpster-dived to snatch Steele’s SSN for dirt-digging purposes.

If you been watching Cardin’s ads, all he does is take clips from Steele’s speech at the 2004 Republican National Convention in which he says he loves George Bush. Again: A Republican who supports President Bush? What. A. Surprise. (via Odub)

By the way, when will Cardin apologize for Steny Hoyer’s remark that Steele has “slavishly” supported the Republican party? That’s wasn’t an innocent slip of the tongue–it was a calculated racial slur. Cardin invited Hoyer and gave him a stage, literally, for his racist remarks. This isn’t the first time Hoyer has employed racism when attacking Michael Steele. In 2002, he called the then-candidate for Lieutenant Governor a “token candidate” and compared him to Clarence Thomas. Ironically, some liberal professor has released one of those liberals are more open-minded than conservative “studies” today. Ha. Only in the “minds so open that their brain leaked out” way.

According to a SurveryUSA poll, Steele and Cardin are neck-and-neck at 46%. Sister Toldjah analyzes the poll.

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