El Rushbo called Hot Air and the boss’s website “excellent” on today’s show:

RUSH: I knew I was going to do it. I left out some blogger names that I routinely read. One of them is Michelle Malkin, and she’s just fabulous and extremely valuable. The American Thinker, which I cite and quote on this program constantly, and Debbie Schlussel— and I’m sure there are more.


No. In fact, Michelle Malkin, she has a column and she’s got two blogs. She’s got a blog called Hot Air and she’s got a personal blog. They’re both excellent. She’s one of the leading forces in the anti-illegally immigration movement out there in terms of informing people about it with specific details of outrages as they happen across the country wherever, at whatever custom station, port of entry, city, whatever. She’s made it her passion. It’s the best.

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