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If you don’t know that Turner had to be talking about the War on Terror, there is nothing I can for you now. Except to point you to this post (with video) and video of Bozell on Hannity & Colmes last night.

J$ writes:

The Media Matters Minute was a classic. Ted Turner complained that when Bush said “either you’re with us or against us”, he didn’t like it because he hadn’t studied up on it and hadn’t made up his mind. So Olbermann came up with a five-way tie: Sean Hannity, Brent Bozell, Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, and Bob Zelnick, all critics of Turner’s statement. They are all eeeevil because Turner was responding to a question about supporting the Iraq war, not the war on terror. KO claimed that the wicked Fox didn’t show the question, only the answer. Cleverly stated, since the wicked Fox did report the wording of the question, it just wasn’t part of the clip. And there was something else “Fat Ass” Olbermann left out. Bush’s “for us or against us” quote–the one specifically referenced by Turner–had nothing to do with the Iraq war. It was a statement “Mister” Bush said just after the 9/11 attack. That’s the statement Turner was talking about, regardless of how hard Olby tried to cover it up.

Ok, now back to writing a five-page paper.