Michelle is giving a quick lesson on instant messaging to those who don’t understand it or question if the conversations between Foley and pages actually took place. In an example conversation with her, I commented some people barely understand e-mailing, much less instant messaging. To those who question if you can record and log conversations on instant messengers, to put it simply, yes you can.

There are several programs available to keep archives of conversations on the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). Two of the most popular programs out there are Dead AIM and middle_man. Dead AIM has a copyright that began in the year 2002 and the website for middle_man says it was created in 2002. However, as far as my memory serves–keep in mind I grew up in the IM generation–you could always save conversations using the poor man’s way. Like any word processing program, AIM has an option to save IM conversations manually. All you do is click “File” then “Save”, like you normally would do with any other program the saves files. Below is an image of this process:


The IMs that Brian Ross and ABC obtained look like authentic saved conversations; however, they could have just easily been replicated in that format. Since Foley hasn’t denied the conversations one can only assume that they are in fact real.