Air America’s non-paid talk show host Al Franken appeared on MSNBC’s “Tucker” last Thursday to discuss Ahmadinejad and his best pal Hugo Chavez’s speech; Air America; and his new documentary God Spoke. It’s about Franken’s life over the course of two years, zzzzzzz.

Below you will find a cut of the video and a partial transcript with important points bolded.

CARLSON: You had said the other day that you weren‘t getting paid, you hadn‘t been getting paid recently. And it made some people wonder if the experiment in liberal radio was—was failing.

Do you think? Are you getting paid? And do you think it‘s going to be around a while?

FRANKEN: Well, I said that there was a cash flow problem.


FRANKEN: And the reason I knew that, that no cash was flowing to me. And so it was meant sort of as a joke, although it was a stupid thing to say because it was true.

He tried to squeeze out of his “joke” by making a jab at FOX News, who had a difficult financial start. Yeah, but FOX News is/was not being funded by liberal sugar daddies.

Hat tip to Brian Maloney, The Radio Equalizer, who writes:

Note that Al isn’t listed as an Air America Radio host at the bottom of the screen (what you do see, in red, was added by the YouTube uploader). When asked about the network, Franken sure didn’t make a convincing case for its continuing operation.

Full video here.

Full transcript here.

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