More SDS (Steele Derangement Syndrome):

No, Maryland voters, the printer did not make an error. Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele’s new campaign signs seem to identify him as a Democrat.

A “Steele Democrat,” they read.

The bright blue placards and bumper stickers made their debut yesterday in Baltimore during an event announcing a new coalition of Democrats supporting the lieutenant governor’s U.S. Senate bid. Steele, of course, is the Republican nominee for Senate and a former chairman of the state Republican Party.

The group and accompanying signs appear to be the latest Steele effort to distance himself from an unpopular White House and a Republican Party struggling to maintain its hold on Congress. The state Democratic Party chairman immediately accused him of “identity theft.”

Two things here: (1) Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich has bumper stickers that read “Another Democrat for Ehrlich”, a slogan he has used since his 2002 bid. This by any means is not something new nor is it something you use to distance yourself from the President or your political party. (2) Democrats are accusing Steele of identity theft, now that is funny. Have Maryland Dems forgot, conveniently, what Senator Chuck Schumer’s thugs did to Steele and his wife? A DCCC employee illegally obtained the Steeles’ credit report in an obvious attempt to use it against him in this year’s election.

Of course, the Baltimore Sun article did not note any of this.