From the liberal blog Jesus’ General, whose weirdo blogger likes to be referred to as JC Christian:


A thumbnail of the image follows each of Atrios’ entries.

Other nutroots kingpins have followed suit and posted the image on their blog. It’s one big, silly, stupid exercise in groupthink. “Look at me! I can post the same idiotic image as everybody else!”

I mean, do they ever, ever stop to think that every time they sign on to one of the Rovian plots they are saying to the world “We’re stupid! We’re inferior! Our leaders are morons!” Um, no, they don’t. Which is what makes watching these mental meltdowns so much fun.

It should come as no surprise that Kos has joined the GOP-ABC bandwagon.

Come on, Oliver. Feel it drawing you in. Surrender to it. You know you want to. Post the Mouse-eared Rove pic!

Update: Got a minute? Feel like wading into a sewer? Head on over to Crooks & Liars post on the Mouse-eared Rove image and count up all the homophobic slurs that the loving, tolerant liberals are coughing up.

Update (9/8/08 3:06pm): Crooks & Liars is posting the image again.