On last night’s Hannity & Colmes, a panel consisting of Democratic Strategists Bob Beckel and Pat Caddell and Republican Strategist Fred Barnes discussed today’s Lieberman-Lamont primary.

Beckel, who is known to be quite liberal and to the left, was called a moderate by liberal bloggers because he is friends with Senator Lieberman and defends him:

BOB BECKEL: And the last thing I’d say about this is the blogosphere. I talked to these people today who are accusing me of being a moderate of all things. The fact is they make a lot of noise, they can raise a lot of money, but they can yet to prove they can deliver any votes. And if they can’t do it in Connecticut, they can’t do it anywhere.

Pat Caddell comments on the kook fringe of the Democratic party:

CADDELL: I think if he loses, you’re going to empower what I call the real fringe of this Party, who believe that they’ve been right all along and they’re going to start setting litmus tests for everybody.

Watch out Pat, you’re next!

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