Far left Senate hopeful Ned Lamont was confronted about his involvement, or at least knowledge of Jane Hamsher’s blackface drawing that included Senator Lieberman and President Clinton. In case you need a refresher on what she posted, here it is:


Mr. “I don’t know anything about the blogs” struck out again when This Week host George Stephanopoulos, who used to work for Clinton, told him that his denial wasn’t true (emphasis mine):

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, HOST: Your campaign has really been fueled by the netroots, it’s called, the liberal blogs, who have really taken on the war as their cause and yet just a couple of days ago when one of those blogs took off after Senator Lieberman. You were asked about it and said “I don’t know anything about those blogs.” That wasn’t really true, was it?

NED LAMONT: Look, there are hundreds of blogs out there on every single subject there is. Many of the blogs are supportive of us. I don’t control what these people put on these things. But, yeah, there was one post that I thought was terribly unfortunate. I found out about it and we said ‘that should go, that should stop.’ This is an election, this should be civil, it’s going to be on the issues. I’m going to say that to anybody who pretends to be a supporter of the Lamont campaign and I hope the Senator is saying that to all of his supporters as well. I think it’s important.

Was Lamont behind Huffington Post’s removal of the blackface? It sure sounds like it when he contradicts his “I don’t control these things” remark with “we said that should go, that should stop” statement.

I’m glad Lamont thinks the campaign should be “civil” and about the “issues”, I only wish he would act on it. Perhaps the sugar daddy should ask kooky Jane and other blogs that are “supportive” of him to stop using the term LieberYouth.