Yesterday was the 39th anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision, so it was a little surprising to The Morning Spew to see ABC feature this heartwarming story of the survival of the third-smallest preemie ever, which the network aired on Saturday. Did ABC connect the dots on this story, which emphasizes life, or was it just a coincidence of programming?

When I saw this video, my mind flashed back to an evening in October, when I attended an event by Pro-Life Action Ministries in which former Planned Parenthood manager-turned-pro-life convert Abby Johnson spoke. Her speech lasted well over a half-hour, but I put together a few short highlights about her painfully honest recollection of her work at PP. Her description of the sterile Newspeak about the outcomes of abortions was especially chilling — and even more so when considering the child who just went home with her parents:

As a grandparent of two girls myself, the first revelation took my breath away, but the second was more instructive. Planned Parenthood wants to pose abortion as an antiseptic tissue removal service, but Johnson’s explanation of the “POC” (products of conception) work is just ghastly. It’s an explanation that exposes the lie that abortions only expel a lump of tissue, and it should be heard more often in the discussion over abortion. (Interestingly, it’s difficult to find links to “POC technician” in the US, but here’s a want ad in India that explains exactly what is involved.)

The “miracle baby” was a product of conception, too. Kudos to ABC for airing this segment on the weekend when pro-abortion advocates celebrate the disposal of millions of “products of conception” over the last 39 years.