What can successful early fundraising do for a presidential candidate?  For one thing, it can buy well-produced ads like “Bump in the Road,” the latest campaign message from Mitt Romney. The spot takes aim at Barack Obama’s latest evasions on economic policy that claim that “headwinds” and “bumps in the road” have led to continuing and increasing unemployment. The ad puts faces to the faceless legions of jobless and elevates them beyond statistics and the notion that we are merely feeling a few inconsequential bumps on the road to prosperity:

Romney’s campaign appears comfortable focusing on Obama alone at the moment, although it’s pretty easy to take a shot at the spin coming from the White House on the falling economic indicators. At 101 seconds, this is too long to play on television, and perhaps just a little too long for this particular concept overall. It should be rather easy to clip this into a 60-second spot for New Hampshire stations tonight, or later in the campaign.