Michelle Malkin appeared on Fox and Friends this morning to discuss the oddly similar speeches that Barack Obama gave on Tuesday and Mario Cuomo gave on a Thursday … in 1984. Michelle doesn’t believe that the striking similarities go quite as far as plagiarism, but that they demonstrate something worse — a bankruptcy of intellect. Have Democrats come up with an original thought in the past quarter-century?

Obama has run on themes of hope and change, and the only way he can express that is to recycle old Mario Cuomo speeches? That is the pinnacle of irony. Obama doesn’t represent the fresh and new, he conglomerates the old and rejected from decades of Democratic rhetoric. It’s the same old intellectual bankruptcy which lost that 1984 election, and won’t age any better in 2008.

Update: Headline changed by acclamation. I’m not sure the boss will appreciate her single-name identity being hijacked by Mrs. Obama, but if clarification is what you need ….