All very interesting.

According to documents obtained by the Press & Guide under the Freedom of Information Act, Zorkot was arrested about 8:04 p.m. Sept. 8 after police were contacted by three men who saw him carrying a firearm in the north end of Hemlock Park between Schaefer and Oakman.

Zorkot was allegedly dressed in dark clothing and wearing black face paint when officers approached his 2007 Ford Explorer, which was parked in a space near the tree line in the park’s west lot. The vehicle was already running, police said.

Officers approached the vehicle, which proceeded to pull out of the parking space and head northbound toward the park’s entrance. Police were able to block the vehicle in before it was able to leave the park.

When approached by officers, Zorkot opened the driver’s side door, but remained in the vehicle. He then asked officers why they had stopped him and said, “You guys are always harassing me.”

During the confrontation, officers saw Zorkot lower his right hand toward the center console, which was out of view. According to police reports, officers feared Zorkot was reaching for a weapon and grabbed his left wrist while ordering him to exit the vehicle.

An officer at the scene observed the AK-47 in the vehicle’s back seat, and alerted her fellow officers that he was armed. Zorkot was then forcibly removed from the vehicle through the driver’s side door — although he initially refused to let go of the door.

When he refused to release the door, officers struck Zorkot’s arm once with a plastic flashlight; however, he still refused to let go.

Officers used a Taser, which struck Zorkot between his shoulder blades. The electrical jolt caused him to fall to the ground, where he began rolling back and forth while yelling “Ali Ackbed.”

When Zorkot refused to comply with officers’ orders, he was stunned again and taken into custody. As police placed him into the back of a patrol vehicle, he allegedly said: “You think this is over? This is not over.”

The “Ali Ackbed” is probably a misheard “Allahu akbar.” Police haven’t connected him directly to Hezbollah or any other terrorist group yet, but it’s obvious that he’s at least a sympathizer