Former Democrat Senator Bob Kerrey is contemplating running for the Nebraska Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Chuck Hagel (RINO). But there’s a dirty Hsu in his closet.

“Bob Kerrey was not only a receiver of contributions [to the New School], he actively recruited [Hsu] to the New School,” said National Republican Senatorial Committee spokeswoman Rebecca Fisher. “Nebraskans need to be aware of that.”

Kerrey’s recruitment of Hsu came several years ago when Hsu was known as a prominent Democratic donor in New York fundraising circles.

In addition to serving on the school’s Board of Trustees, he donated money intended for a school scholarship.

Since Hsu’s arrest, Democratic politicians have distanced themselves from Hsu, and most have returned donations received from him. Clinton’s presidential campaign returned $850,000 in Hsu-connected campaign donations.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee returned $43,700 in donations directly from Hsu.

But Kerrey’s ties to Hsu could prove to be a unique distraction. Unlike other Democrats who simply accepted Hsu’s money, Kerrey had a personal relationship with him.

Kerrey also was one of the last public figures to openly praise Hsu before his recent downfall.

Oops. That personal relationship with the now confessed Ponzi scheme operator and straw Democrat donor would become a major part of the campaign.