I’m just posting this for the comments.

Couric, whose newscast is mired in third place, also slammed Rather for his “60 Minutes II” report questioning George W. Bush’s service in the Texas Air National Guard in the 1970s.

The report, which aired just before Bush sought reelection in 2004, was discredited – and led to Rather’s eventual ouster from CBS News.

“There were things in there that were quite egregious in terms of how it was reported,” Couric said of the report.

“And sloppy work is sloppy work.”

“I don’t believe Ms. Couric knows all the facts,” Rather told The Post yesterday.

“When they come out, she may well change her mind.”

So, Dan, we’ll finally learn who Lucy Ramirez was? And how a font that wasn’t available in the 70s turned up on those documents of yours?

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