Here’s the clip:

Dean Barnett takes a good swing at it, for a Sox fan.

In the YouTube above, Clinton conflates the attacks on General David Petraeus with the former POTUS’ fanciful reminisces of political attacks on John Kerry and Max Cleland. Normally, I question Bill Clinton’s sincerity any time his lips are moving, but in this clip he shows that little flash of indignant anger that indicates you’re getting a glimpse at the man’s core.

Of course he would see no difference between a couple of office-seekers and a man who is leading 160,000 American soldiers in combat. Everything for this man has always been about politics. The notion of a figure who transcends politics probably makes as much sense to Bill Clinton as the idea of a man who transcends gravity.

Exactly so. Not to mention the fact that the Swifties were themselves smeared by Kerry and his Winter Soldier ilk in 1971 and forever thereafter as savages who reminded him of Jenjis Khan. And never mind the fact that their stories about Kerry remain unrefuted, and Lurch still hasn’t released his records.

The MoveOn attack on Petraeus ought to disgust every American who respects the military. Having served in the military during Clinton’s tenure, I’m not surprised in the least that the “Betray Us” attack did not disgust Wild Bill.