Lefties engaging in hate speech that earned mentions tonight included MoveOn for their despicable “General Betray Us” ad, an ad ultimately paid for by a convicted inside trader (where are the lefties who’ll denounce George Soros, Robber Baron?) and aimed at a man who has spent his entire adult life defending America in uniform; Mos Def for being a Truther fool; Tim Robbins and Rosie O’Donnell for positing that it’s the US that’s the real terrorist in Iraq, not the Quds force or al Qaeda goons who blow up car bombs among school children and massacre whole villages and not the Iranian mullahs who have engaged in warfare against sovereign Iraq for more than a year now. We’re the terrorists for deposing a genocidal maniac and then trying to stop the Zarqawi headchoppers and Sadrist sectarian scourers from engaging in murder for their faith, for their politics and at least in Zarqawi’s case, apparently just for the fun of it. Such is the quality of reasoning among that set. Such is the quality of character among those on the left who won’t take on and defeat such thinking on their own side.

Yes, we get a pro forma “They’re irrelevant” from Kirsten. I’ve already explained the reason that it’s necessary to take these Hollywood types on, and see no need to rehash that. That message evidently isn’t getting through, even while the number of Truthers and Truther-lites among Democrats grows and grows. Even though, per Kirsten, the hard core Truthers are “irrelevant.” You can lead a pundit to data, but…well, you know the rest.

Not earning a mention, Mean Mr. Mustache. Senor Spitball. The Loogie Lefty. Trash the country or the military, and The Factor will take you on. Threaten a form of assault against a network colleague, and get…nothing, apparently. Even after it’s become clear that Geraldo’s hate speech inspired hate speech by O’Reilly’s bete noir. You’d think that that would be enough to generate some interest. But so far, you’d be wrong.

One note of optimism to finish: Geraldo has retreated into hyperbole and hate speech because he’s losing ground and he knows it. Character assassination is all he has left when he’s up against someone who knows issues better than he ever has or will. Knowing that, about himself and about Michelle who’s about half his age and twice as smart, has to hurt.

Update (AP): Another note of optimism: apparently Kirsten’s been replaced by her twin sister, “Kristen.” Hopefully Kristen will be better on immigration. Lord knows she couldn’t be worse.

Update: A reader question, answered.