One of the more annoying GOP senators is calling it quits:

An Republican insider close to Sen. Chuck Hagel confirms Hagel will announce that he’s retiring from his Senate seat.

Hagel has scheduled a press conference on Monday morning at the Omaha Press Club.

Nebraska Republican leader David Kramer also said, he’s “100 percent” sure Hagel will call it quits.

In March, Hagel said he was thinking about his political future and would announce a decision.

Hagel’s move opens the way for former Sen. Bob Kerrey to run for that seat against several local Republicans, meaning that there’s an outside chance that the seat could go Dem.

The best known Republican running for the job is Nebraska Attorney General Jim Brunning, who announced that he was running for the job back in June.

“I’m a candidate without reservation,” Bruning said. “I can and I will beat Sen. Hagel in the primary next May. I’m running hard and I’m running to win. I will not defer to any other candidate who may join me in this race. I’ve chosen this path because conservative Nebraskans deserve a leader who will support and defend the principles of the Republican Party.”

Bruning announced in March that he would begin raising money and studying the possibility of a run, only if Hagel declined to seek a third term in 2008. But since then, Bruning has alluded to plans to run regardless of Hagel’s decision.

In April, Bruning blasted Hagel’s criticism of Bush and the war in Iraq, saying Hagel had essentially left the Republican Party.

Uh, yeah. He essentially had.