Presidential campaigns are about weighing options, and for Republicans like myself, the options come down to who looks like they’ll be the strongest, wisest leader on the war, who will make this country stronger as we press on to defend our freedoms, who will our enemies fear and who will earn respect from our friends while best reflecting my conservative values? I don’t know the answers to much of that yet, but we had the opportunity to see two of the GOP’s front-runners on Fox tonight, not in a debate per se, but thanks to video editing we can make our own debate. Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney, whom Michelle interviewed a couple weeks back for Hot Air, appeared on The O’Reilly Factor, and former Tenn. Sen. Fred Thompson followed him on Hannity & Colmes. They comprise two of the top four GOP candidates. It’s not unreasonable to see them on a ticket together at some point, taking on Hillary Clinton or whoever emerges from the Dem pack.

Here they are, first Romney and then Thompson, one right after the other. I’ve edited both segments for time. Because of that, I limited both segments to two questions. Romney answers O’Reilly on immigration and the war in Iraq; Thompson answers Hannity on why he chose to launch his campaign on Leno, and the war in Iraq.

Since Romney aired first, his clip goes first.

Followed by Thompson.

Addendum: Toward the end of the first clip, O’Reilly questioned whether Romney had characterized Hillary Clinton’s position on Iraq accurately, when he said that her position is that we should depose Maliki and then leave. I did a little fact-checking, and while Clinton has never put the two ideas together the way Romney did for her, yes, they do accurately reflect her positions on Iraq.

Depose Maliki. And then leave Iraq.

Breathtaking, ain’t it? So much for Hillary Clinton being the smartest woman in the world.