O’Reilly hammered Kirsten for the Dems’ kowtowing to Kos, and then congratulated the NYT for publishing cautiously optimistic editorials on Iraq. The boss makes Bill’s salient point better than he does in the first part, namely, that it’s not commenters who are the primary problem at Kos. It’s the man himself and his “featured diarists” who make the site a hateful place most days.

Now, anticipating the reaction of free speech absolutists, there are degrees of offense and degrees of response. No one here is arguing that anyone at Kos deserves felony charges along the lines of what’s going on at Pace, and no here is going to argue for that. What is reasonable, though, is to expect better judgment from Democrat presidential candidates than to attend YearlyKos and post on that site given its track record and consistent content.

The second portion of the segment deals with the NYT’s optimistic editorials on Iraq.