I thought the bellicose, revolutionary, Commie-hugging Peace Mom retired from activism. That lasted, what, about a month? Her retirement was every bit as authentic as her fast for the troops. Too bad.

Anyway, she’s back and demanding the removal of a tyrant. No, not Hugo Chavez. Or Fidel Castro. Or Ahmadenijad. No, that other tyrant. The one who’s so repressive that she can stand right there in the capital city and denounce him for a war criminal, scream that he’s taking away all our rights to dissent, and not even provoke the slightest reaction from him. I bet Brian Becker laughs up his sleeve at half the nonsense that Sheehan spouts at these idiotic rallies.

Charles from the Age of Hooper braved the absolutely perfect weather and found the Peace Ma leading a ragged group of about 270 through another stupid and totally pointless march. He has photos and a write-up; his video is below. It looks like Cindy made an appointment with John Edwards’ hair stylist.