A subdued trio lambasted JetBlue for sponsoring YearlyKos.

I do think it’s possible, contra Kirsten’s “Wild West” contention, for corporations to sponsor blogs in good conscience, but the blogs seeking such sponsorship have to be able to assure sponsors that their sites won’t be filled with Kossack (or the right wing equivalent) hate. That’s one reason that I end up disagreeing with both Kirsten and Roger Simon on this whole question. The DailyKos routinely publishes vile diaries about Republicans and about the war and about American capitalism and our country as a whole, and the chief Kossack himself penned and never apologized for the “screw them” line that he leveled at Americans who were murdered by thugs in Iraq. Whatever you think of the war, no one with the DailyKos’ record should reasonably expect corporate sponsorship for anything that they do. They are anti-capitalist and anti-corporate on that web site. Just do a search on Wal-Mart and you’ll see. What sets the Kossacks off seems to be corporate success that isn’t tied to unions (and therefore to the Democrats) or that doesn’t conform to their parochial notions about acceptable corporate behavior (health care policies and so forth). JetBlue was foolish to sponsor YearlyKos and have its logo on the YK site. That doesn’t mean that corporations would be equally foolish to sponsor other blogs, liberal or conservative. DKos is a special case because of its track record. As Michelle said, the fish rots from the head down.

Takeaways from the segment: One of The Factor’s viewers thinks that Allahpundit, myself and all of you are “evil doers” because we post here. That assessment in all likelihood came from someone who bristles whenever President Bush describes al Qaeda terrorists with the same phrase, though, so I’d consider the source before taking offense. The liberal blogosphere, unchallenged by anything resembling a fact, does in fact have a great deal of influence. Evidently, Kos is more influential than the Democrat Leadership Council that was once headed up by Bill Clinton. And the impeachment caucus isn’t a fringe movement. Papa Bear needs to study up a bit.