Hot Air has been online for about 16 months now. We’ve produced about 300 original shows in that time, and we’ve posted hundreds of video and audio clips from hundreds of different sources. Because we have posted so much content, we’re running out of hard drive space on our service account. It’s expensive to keep the old content online in our accounts, so we’re doing various things to minimize the use and expense of hosting it all. One of the things we plan to do is to remove the iPod versions of our older shows. We’ll do that starting about a week from today, and we’ll delete the iPod versions of all shows that were produced in 2006.

I’m letting you all know now, so you can go download those files while they’re still online if you want them. You don’t need an iPod to play them. They will play on any computer that has iTunes or Quicktime player installed. So go get ’em while you can if you want them, because they won’t be around forever.

I also wanted to take a minute to gauge interest in Hot Air DVDs. We have quite a library of shows now on a wide range of topics. Would you be interested in purchasing DVDs of some of our greatest hits? In addition to Vents, Jihad Watches, Stak Attacks and the rest, what would you like to see on Hot Air DVDs? Prurient suggestions will get you banned, btw.

Finally, a program note. I’ll be on vacation next week but we’ll still have a Blogging the Qur’an on Sunday and we’ll have a Stak Attack next week. Erick interviews Dr. Tawfik Hamid, an Egyptian who came from a liberal, affluent family, joined the jihad in medical school, met Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, and later left the jihad. Dr. Hamid takes a sledgehammer to a lot of the myths that have developed over who becomes a jihadi and why. Erick’s interview with him is a must-see. Part I will air on Tuesday.

Update: A program note. I’ll be on the Tammy Bruce show at 1:30 Eastern today.