Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, a pediatrician before and maybe after he joined al Qaeda, has a new vlog out. It runs over 90 minutes and contains the usual bluster and garbage.

The video, entitled “The Advice of One Concerned”, is 1 hour, 34 minutes long, and includes clips from other videos and news broadcasts, including one from Al Furqan, the video production arm of the Islamic State of Iraq.

The video does not reference the London attacks, but appears to be more of a “state of the ummah” style address intended to try and provide advice to the Muslim world in a manner similar to the “fireside chat”.

He provides advice to the people of Iraq, and of Palestine. He reiterates the call for young men to rush to the jihad in Iraq and Afghanistan, and includes a video clip of Sheikh Abdullah Azzam reminding the Muslim ummah that jihad is the responsibility of every Muslim.

He rebukes the mujahideen of Fateh for battling HAMAS, and tells them to “Return to your religion, your Islam, your honor and your Arabness.”

Zawahiri says that the West is about to be defeated. Given UK PM Gordon Brown’s politically correct turn on the war and our own political divisions, he may be on to something there. On the other hand, the battle with Taliban sympathizers at the Red Mosque and its leader’s run in a burqa don’t get a mention. Perhaps because Islamonut leaders running about in drag is such a common occurrence that it’s not worth the airtime.

Update: Rusty has the video here.