Much wisdom to be found in this clip. Mark Steyn and Mansour Ijaz join Neil Cavuto to discuss terrorism and its possible imminence here in the US. In the early part of the segment, which I didn’t catch, Steyn seemed to agree that the attacks in London and Glasgow were motivated in part as a welcome to UK PM Gordon Brown. Steyn’s argument that the margin between clown terrorists and lethal terrorists is slim is particularly noteworthy, as is Ijaz’s sobering conclusion at the end.

This Debka link seems particularly relevant right now. Granted, it’s Debka. But granted, we’ve just seen another terror attempt/attack against an ally.

DEBKAfile counter-terror sources report that ten days ago, the US gave the Czech government specific warning of large-scale al Qaeda terrorist attacks in Prague, targeting government buildings, the US embassy, American firms and Jewish and Israel locations in the Czech capital. All American missions and military facilities in Europe were placed on alert.

France, Germany, Italy, Denmark and Spain have also tightened their anti-terror precautions.

Our sources add that the London and Glasgow bombing attempts took the Americans by surprise. They had expected the jihadists to strike elsewhere in Europe.

US homeland security secretary Michael Chertoff Monday played down the threat by denying knowledge of any specific warning in the United States. He said the current alert level of yellow would not be raised for now as it has been in the UK.

However, al Qaeda’s coded messages on internal forums announcing that preparations are now in place for attacks in the US during this summer are appearing with greater frequency than the traffic prior to the 2001 attacks in America and the 2004 Madrid rail bombings.