We’re either 45 minutes late or 15 minutes early posting this. Either way, talk amongst yourselves. I’ll have highlights eventually.

Update: Michelle’s Talking Points Memo echoed themes that we sounded in Vent today, so I’ll link to that and keep more of the rest of the show in this highlight reel. After the TPM, she segued into a discussion of the UK/Glasgow plot. Steve Emerson makes some interesting points about doctors and terrorism, namely that it’s not all that unusual to find doctors among the ranks of terrorists. It’s not unusual to find professionals of other stripes among and running terrorists groups as well. Yassir Arafat was an engineer, as a matter of fact.

The Impact Segment featured a roundtable with Michelle, Laura Schwartz and Kirsten Powers. If I hadn’t kept much of this segment in, I’d have been lynched. Takeaway: In this segment, Kirsten gave credit where it was due on shamnesty. Why didn’t Fred? Hmmmm?

We end with Michelle checkmating an open borders immigration attorney. He goes from “stop all deportations” to coming around, thanks to Michelle’s strategic questions, to the very reasonable position that we ought to at least deport criminal aliens. A fine performance by the boss.

She’ll guest host tomorrow night, Thursday night and Friday night as well.