There’s only one reason to post this clip. The Code Pinkette rambles, shambles and talks about passing out in Sen. Joseph Lieberman’s office. She’s insufferably self-righteous. She was having a hunger strike to protest how mean Liebs was being to that nice guy who runs Iran. So she went to Lieberman’s office and pestered him. Over the course of the no doubt riveting exchange of ideas, she passes out, to remain ever unenlightened. Not that a warehouse full of facts would have made a difference with her and her fellow Pinkettes anyway.

Funniest moment: When the Pinkette accuses Lieberman of having no integrity. The man has nearly destroyed his political career because he believes so strongly that the US cause in the world is just. Second funniest: When she holds some student drivel Lieberman wrote in 1963 against him. Perspective and Pinkettes just never, ever meet.

So what’s the reason to post this clip? Well, all weekend long we’ve been watching the unfolding story in London and Glasgow, for the past few months we’ve been hearing more and more about Iranian meddling in Iraq that’s killing our own troops, and for the past few years we’ve been watching the twin menaces of Iran’s nuclear program and its proxies in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories wreck whatever they touch while they arm up for another war with Israel. It’s beyond dispute to any reasonable person that Iran is a very serious problem because its government has deployed a very sophisticated war strategy against us all over the Middle East. And it’s beyond dispute to any reasonable person that terrorism is a real threat in the West. Yet the Pinkette makes of herself a human shield on behalf of one of the most dangerous terrorist governments on earth, a government that represses its own people and murders outside its borders and is on its way to developing the weapons that the left hates the most when any Western government has them. And the Pinkettes are allies of the usual moonbats in the Democrat party. None of this is enlightening to anyone here, but it is worth a reminder of just how screwed up these “anti-war” people and their pet politicians are.

You’ll need a palate cleanser for all the moonbat guano you’ll get from this vid. Here ya go.