Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit President Bush in Kennebunkport, Maine this weekend. It’s an interesting time, to say the least. Rather than attempting to look into the KGB man’s soul this time around, I suggest that the president just ask his pal Pooty-Poot a few questions.

1. What’s up with your diplomats trying to pass off fake US currency in a liquor store? Is that what North Korea is paying you to let it keep on developing nukes? They’re ripping you off. Still more valuable than rubles, I guess.

2. Speaking of nukes, are you planning on helping Hugh Chavez develop his own brand of them? You know, like you and your country have helped along the North Korean and Iranian nuculear weapons programs.

3. Do you really think that you own the North Pole? Cause I’m tellin’ ya, ya don’t.

4. You’re doing all this stuff around the world — cyber-attacking Estonia, dirty-bombing spies you don’t like in London, murdering journalists, calling me a Nazi and so forth. Do you think I don’t see what you’re up to? Do you think I’m stupid?

Ok, don’t answer that last one.

(h/t Tammy Bruce on the counterfeit story)