Here’s the video, which could have come from any number of sources (more on the possible source below), and attacks Fred Thompson as “pro-choice.”

The editing is extremely tight to the most damning phrases and words, which is a tell that the editor is up to something nefarious. If Fred is really so pro-choice, why not let him finish a sentence saying so? All we really get in the way of substance is Fred talking about federalism and Fred opposing “criminalizing” “young women” who seek abortions. If Fred is indeed pro-choice, this video does not make a good case that he is. It only makes a good case that the editor is being dishonest with his audience.

The video finishes with a stat that’s a bald-faced lie.


Let’s go to the NRLC site and see about this 33% record. Of the three votes cast, only one concerns abortion, and Fred voted with right-to-life on that. The other two concerned McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform, and Fred voted poorly on that. In fact, perusing the NRLC site, Fred’s voting record is right down the line on abortion, but also wrong down the line on CFR. If Fred’s opponents need a weakness to exploit with conservatives, there it is: McCain-Feingold, which is very unpopular with conservatives but evidently pretty popular with Fred.

But the editors didn’t exploit that weakness, did they? Instead, they chose a dishonest attack on Fred as “pro-choice” and left him alone on McCain-Feingold.

Which unmasks the man behind the video, doesn’t it.


And I’d have gotten away with it, if it hadn’t been for those meddling bloggers…

(h/t Conservathink on the NRLC links)

Update (AP): Might as well tuck this in here since we’ve got a Fred thread going. If the AP-assisted talking points memo issued by the Democrats the other day was a political Pearl Harbor, here’s the equivalent of a Doolittle Raid. Complaining about being attacked because he’s not in the race yet is weak, but he atones with his last line.

He’s not interested in skirmishing with the Dems yet anyway. For the moment, he’s after Rudy.

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