Water balloons and a flag.

An Australian production company has apologized to Mexico for a segment of a “Big Brother” reality program that showed people throwing water balloons at the Mexican flag.

Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department on Wednesday sent protest letters to the program and the Australian government, saying the country’s flag had been desecrated on the show that aired June 15.

“I apologize on behalf of the producers of `Big Brother’ for any offense suffered and assure you this will never happen again,” wrote Kris Noble, the managing director of entertainment company Endemol Southern Star, in a letter Thursday to the Mexican Embassy in Australia.

“The segment was intended as a lighthearted tribute to Mexico and its vibrant cultural heritage, which we all admire and enjoy,” the letter stated.

Mexico’s protest letters said that the country’s flag “has a long and proud history and it stands as a powerful symbol that identifies and unites Mexican citizens wherever they live.

That last part is indeed true: The Mexican flag unites Mexicans wherever they live. Take Southern California, for instance. And Houston.

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