Nobody lays down a rant like Mark Levin. The clip below is his opening monologue from last night, re talk radio, the Fairness Doctrine and why liberals are resorting to government action to get liberal talk radio off the ground (by taking conservative talk radio off the air). It’s Great One gold.

On his blog, Levin also exposes who was behind that Center for American Progress report on talk radio, urging ownership restrictions and fines etc for airing too much popular conservative talk and not enough unpopular liberal talk:

Well, well … the author of the Center for American Progress report attacking conservative talk radio — Paul “Woody” Woodhull — just happens to be financially and professionally involved with two liberal talk radio programs — Ed Schultz and Bill Press. See here and here.

Nothing in this report discloses Woodhull’s conflict of interest. You’re led to believe that the findings were unbiased and untainted. It now turns out that the author has a direct financial interest in using the government to dismantle conservative talk radio.

Isn’t that something. Their actions aren’t so much in the public interest as in their own interest.