On Sunday, June 18 — after the Council on American Islamic Relations was named an unidicted co-conspirator in a Hamas funding case — Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland (D) spoke at CAIR-OH’s anniversary banquet. He delivered typical banquet boilerplate.

Governor Strickland addressed the crowd of 350 people, saying: “On behalf of all Ohioans, [my wife and I] appreciate your vision to promote justice and mutual understanding. We gather under CAIR-Ohio’s theme this year, ‘American Muslims: Connecting and Sharing,’ to do just that, to connect and share and get to know each other better.”

Governor Strickland also expressed appreciation for “the Muslim traditions of strong family, hard work, and education,” and presented a proclamation honoring CAIR-Ohio’s work.

Hm. No mention of Hamas’ recent efforts to promote a very rough form of justice in Gaza?

As BizzyBlog notes, thus far the press in Ohio hasn’t reported Strickland’s appearance at the CAIR affair. The only place outside a few righty blogs that you can find anything about the appearance is CAIR’s own web site.

Let’s put this in some perspective. CAIR was named as an unidicted co-conspirator in a terrorism case. Various CAIR officials have been named and nabbed in several terror cases. California Sen. Barbara Boxer, a Democrat, rescinded an award that her office intended to bestow on a CAIR official when the senator learned of CAIR’s terror connections. Another Democrat, NY Sen. Chuck Schumer, characterized CAIR as part of an international terror network. That was back in 2003, so it’s not like this information is so fresh that Gov. Strickland could have just missed it. And Strickland can’t blame CAIR’s problems on the “Rethuglican noise machine” or anything like that.

(h/t BizzyBlog, who continues to cover the lack of reporting on the Strickland/CAIR story)