Sen. Lindsey “hissy fit” Graham appeared on This Week Sunday to once again tout Frankenstein’s monster. He was on for about 10 minutes–here’s the most annoying part. Click to play.

The bit at the end about “No Catholics allowed” etc is just galling. Does the senator realize that the people legally living here who find illegal immigration most annoying are legal immigrants? Does he still not realize the national security implications of a porous border, or does he just think it’s swell to stick with demagoguing the bill’s way to passage?

The senator wonders, if we don’t pass this monster of a bill now, then when, and how will the broken immigration system be fixed?

I humbly suggest that the senator go ask Rep. Tom Tancredo. The Senate recently voted down a version of the sanctuary city-killing amendment that the Tanc got passed last week in the House. The Senate ought to start there and work on enforcement first. Once that’s done, then we’ll look at what to do about the illegals who remain here afterward. The number of illegal aliens who remain here after sanctuary cities are gone will probably be well shy of 12 million.

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