It’s been a bad day in the warmongering business. The Golden Mosque in Samarra is no more. Conspiracy theorists finally get their inside job–over a dozen Iraqi police officers were allegedly involved. In the PA, Hamas is about to win the civil war that no one outside the blogs will actually call a civil war. That means Israel is likely to face a two-sided war this summer, with Hamas on one side and Hezbollah on the other. And in Lebanon, not only is Hezbollah resurgent and a civil war is brewing out of those Palestinian refugee camps, but there has been another political assassination of an anti-Syrian politician. Not only are the terrorists everywhere likely to be emboldened when we abandon Iraq–they’re emboldened right now.

So we’ll take victories wherever we can get them these days, and we got a minor one on CNN tonight. Denis Leary appeared on Glenn Beck’s show tonight and took some truth to the Truthers and the Queen of All Truthers, Rosie O’Donnell.

Leary bookended this sane segment with some slaps at Elisabeth Hasselbeck and President Bush, the latter of which I’m no longer inclined to defend. But going after the fair Elisabeth? If he wasn’t so solidly right on Trutherism, he’d be dead to me.